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  • Formación

    Two thousand SENA students will be trained by Amazon

    Dos mil aprendices del SENA se formarán con Amazon

    ​It is a pilot project that offers training related to TIC (Information and Communication Technology), 12 learning routes on the development of skills with topics such as: blockchain, databases, development tools, the Internet of things (IoT), networks, robotics, security, identity and data storage, among others. 

    The Director of SENA, Carlos Mario Estrada, said that “SENA will help the private sector to achieve the Fourth Industrial Revolution through training to work in these industries. With these courses, we offer our students the necessary skills that will allow them to be competitive in a global labor market”

    The two thousand beneficiary students, who belong to the Regional Capital District, began studying before 2018 and have the time to take the virtual training modality, as part of the requirements for this process. 

    "With the Amazon Alliance, SENA is committed to the articulation of actions that motivate our students to stay with us until the end of the lessons and give them the opportunity to have a better vision of their future as workers”, said the director of Vocational Training, Farid Figueroa Torres. 

    The Amazon Web Services Alliance Educate with SENA strengthens the technical skills of students, enhances the opportunities for success in working life and contributes to the modernization, innovation and digital transformation of the country, which responds to the Colombian Government's strategy in the National Development Plan for entrepreneurship and productivity. 

    At the end of the virtual course, students will receive a certificate from Amazon Web Services Educate, the platform used around the world by more than 1,500 academic institutions, as the first step for professionals in Information Technology and Cloud. AWS also offers technology training to create and develop services.

    Laura Orozco/YP/GM.