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Training SENA
l the SENA training processes are free of charge, inclusive and without intermediaries. Do not let yourself be fooled. All services are publicly available at the SENA .

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​SENA imparts certified and complementary professional training programs and with criteria of relevance, quality, convenience and flexibility that allow to train for work  -to all Colombians and certified foreign residents in the country interested in studying- in accordance with the production needs of country, the regions and the different sectors.

For this, SENA establishes mechanisms of direct and permanent interaction with the unions, the companies, the governmental and non-governmental institutions, and the educational institutions of the country, for the ongoing update and adjustment of the curriculum designs of the existing training programs and the creation of new programs. 

Apprentices receive a comprehensive theoretical and practical educational training, oriented to the development of knowledge, which allows them to obtain a certificate in the performance of job skills.

People entering the SENA must demonstrate a series of characteristics in terms of knowledge, skills, abilities, attitude, motivations and expressed interests regarding the various resources required, for the apprentice to achieve a successful learning process. 

​Thus, the apprentice will achieve skills during the training process boosting him /her to work in specific occupations and demonstrate specific basic and transverse skills, at the time of incorporation and projection within the world of work and life from the current and prospective vision of instructors and experts of the productive world.​

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA - Dirección General
Calle 57 No. 8 - 69 Bogotá D.C. (Cundinamarca), Colombia
Debido a la emergencia sanitaria, los Centros de Formación Profesional, Puntos de Atención o Información y demás
espacios físicos destinados por el SENA para la atención presencial a los ciudadanos se encuentran cerrados.
Conmutador Nacional (57 1) 5461500 - Extensiones
Atención al ciudadano: Bogotá (57 1) 3430111 - Línea gratuita y resto del país 018000 910270
Atención al empresario: Bogotá (57 1) 3430101 - Línea gratuita y resto del país 018000 910682
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