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Empreder Fund is an independent and special account ascribed to the SENA, whose exclusive objective is to finance business initiatives.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Invest in Colombia​

​Through various services provided by SENA, all employers can be linked to the different initiatives and service programs to the Entity. You can figure out how to custom-train your employees according to the needs of your productivity. You can also hire SENA apprentices by way of the Learning Contract to make their productive stage become part of the productivity progress of your business.

​In addition to this, you can directly take part of the training through the learning environments, which are the most effective mechanisms for the formation to be effective at the time of initiating an employment relationship.

Talent formed for your company ​

SENA offers two types of training as response to specific demands from the productive sector:

  • Certified Training: this is a space of professional apprenticeship, which certifies the apprentice as a technician or technologist.

  • Complementary Formation:  this modality develops through short courses by which the human talent of your company acquires the necessary knowledge to update and develop job skills.

Training is provided in classrooms, as well as virtual and mixed modes:​

  • In classrooms: It is fully taught through 117 training centers nationwide, specialized in different areas of knowledge.

  • Virtual: This is carried out within virtual learning environments through the SENA platform, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • ​Mixed: Depending on the program, you can alternate the two forms of training: in classroom and virtual.

If your company requires a specific formation, please contact us at +57 (1) 4049494.

Entrepreneurship in your company

  • Fostering Entrepreneurial Culture: The objective is to motivate potential entrepreneurs by way of Talks of Awareness, participation in fairs, seminars and other.

  • Identification of innovative ideas to access other sources of funding and the "Seed Capital" Entrepreneurial Fund Program requirements established by Agreement 007 of 2011.

  • ​Backup and support for the formulation of projects, to access the EMPRENDER Fund or other sources of financing.


Through this Fund, created by the Government and administe​red by SENA, business initiatives are being financed which integrate the knowledge acquired by entrepreneurs in their training processes with the development of new businesses, by facilitating access to seed capital to make available to the beneficiaries the necessary resources for the implementation of new production units that derived from and are to be developed by SENA apprentices and university students of Colombia. If you do have a business idea, come and get acquainted with the conditions for beneficiaries of the EMPRENDER Fund.

Through this program, your company can:​

  • Promote Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting the generation of entrepreneurial initiatives in their human talent: pensioners, families, and / or third parties. 

  • Build and strengthen business units.

  • Support entrepreneurship in Colombia.

  • Contact Us: +57 (1) 4049494​