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  • Emprendimiento

    SENA entrepreneur demonstrates therapeutic use of apicultural products

    Pereira (Risaralda)
    Entrepreneurship  SENA entrepreneur demonstrates therapeutic use of apicultural products

    For 10 years Yamid Arango Arias has investigated the derivatives of the hive as its chemical composition and pharmacological capacity, which has allowed it to produce new drugs that are used as alternative treatments to autoimmune pathologies. 

    This experienced entrepreneur created his company Beepharma with which he received 83 million pesos from Fondo Emprender in February 2015, as a result of a regional call, with which he provides four direct jobs. 

    To carry out his research, he went to Tecnoparque node Pereira SENA since 2016, where he performed microscopy work on cells treated with apitoxin in the line of nanotechnology and biotechnology. This year will continue with more specific analyzes to give even more relevance to the research process. 

    As explained by Yamid Arango Arias, "We have used nanoparticles of bee venom, adhered to particles of cellular information, managing to activate a response of the immune system, against aggressions whether internal or external, of the body". 

    According to Arango, by understanding the mechanism of action of apitoxin (bee venom) it is possible to measure the myriad of uses in medicine, and fields in pharmacology, to solve problems such as liver damage caused by medicines, which, more 80% are metabolized in the liver. 

    In addition, the side effects caused by the constant consumption of drugs, which leave damages in the renal, cardiovascular and cardiovascular system, the apitoxin is directed to the immune system, in such a way that the drugs are not metabolized in the liver. 

    "This is a sample of what the Entity offers free to entrepreneurs from Tecnoparque. The invitation is to approach the headquarters, with its technology-based project, to support them "said the regional director of SENA, Andrés Aurelio Alarcón Tique. 

    Beepharma began the previous year negotiations with global companies such as Jhonson and Johnson and TEAM of Colombia, among other multinationals interested in this scientific development. "This allowed us to have a ticket to OPEN FINIT in Bello Horizonte, Brazil, in October 2017," said the entrepreneur. 

    This year, he was nominated for the Oiweek Open Innovetion to be held in Sao Paulo, from March 18 to 20. It was selected among 4,000 projects, to be among the 100 best startups in Latin America, and to be present in the week of innovation, thanks to its research project and development of biotechnology and nanotechnology with bee venom and cellular information particles, adhered to oats.

    Gerardo Calderón/GM.