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    SENA, the most preferred entity in Barranquilla

    SENA, the most preferred entity in Barranquilla

    With a 96% positive perception, SENA ranked first among nine public and private entities in the city, which have a presence in Barranquilla. This is the result of the most important citizen perception survey of the Atlantic capital carried out in 2017, in the Institutions, Government and Citizenship category. 

    The survey that monitors the quality of urban life highlighted that the Entity has been, for the last two years, at the top of those that contribute most to the quality of the from Barranquilla, for the indiscriminate and free services of training, employment and entrepreneurship that SENA provides in the department. 

    The General Director of SENA, José Antonio Lizarazo, was satisfied with these results and pointed out that "It is the recognition that Barranquilla citizens make to the transparent work we do and this adds to the positive result achieved in the Cartagena survey, the past month, where SENA was also exalted as the best entity, in that city”. 

    The survey, which also presented results on topics such as economic situation and poverty, education, health, public services, security and citizen culture, perception of institutions, government and citizenship -where SENA was highlighted-, among others, was carried out to 1,246 people over 18 years of age from all locations in Barranquilla. 

    The confidence shown by the people from Barranquilla, is based on the work done to the Entity, supported by the National Government for the past 7 years, to provide quality training and relevance to Colombians. This is in addition to the construction of 19 new SENA offices in that department, through an agreement with the governor of the Atlantic, Eduardo Verano De la Rosa, and the Mayor of Barranquilla, Alejandro Char. 

    "These results are a reflection of the work and effort made by the entity to socially and economically transform the lives of the people from the Atlántico Department, by generating better opportunities and more projects such as expanding the coverage of training through new locations in the city”, said Jacqueline Rojas Solano, regional director of SENA. 

    In addition to SENA, the other entities to which the perception in knowledge, favorability and unfavorableness were measured were: Gases del Caribe and Triple A, these two occupied second and third place respectively; Barranquilla Zoo, National Police, Puerta de Oro, Caribbean Cultural Park, Traffic Police and Electricaribe. 

    The measurement showed that 84% of the population is satisfied with the education that young people receive in technical, technological or university education institutions. In this sense, SENA is a fundamental actor, since only the previous year it trained 72,128 people in the Atlantic in technical and technological programs, of which 55,034 were served in Barranquilla.

    "In this survey, which was conducted 10 years ago, we asked to the people from Barranquilla which entities are most significant to them. For those who win, this is like a prize, a recognition that is given to them for their contribution to improve the quality of life of citizens," said Rocío Mendoza, director of the Barranquilla Como Vamos program.

    Andrea Del Gallego Barrios/ JPR/GM.